The programme is aimed at young, high school graduates from the ages of 18.

In order to guarantee a high quality of training, a limited number of participants is allowed: 15 Italians, 15 Portuguese, 10 Polish. 


Course location: ComoNExT in Italy, TECHNOPARK in Gliwice in Poland, COLEGIO DE SAN TOMAS in Portugal. 

The programme has innovative learning methods:

  • a third of the time in the classroom with a teacher in the three locations: in Italy, Portugal and Poland;
  • a third of the time on the on-line platform;
  • a third of the time in immersion- practice in company, with a specific connection to the three professional profiles and to the needs of the businesses involved.

At the end of the semester the participants can access a foreign work experience project. 

A one year course to train startuppers, innovation managers and network managers on an international level to build and grow in their skills.  
An educational and life experience that centres on innovation and the requests of the European job market thanks to the connection among partners in five countries and the involvement of technological parks.


The course is aimed at young, high school graduates who:

  • want to use their creative capabilities by acquiring adequate skills in the real world; 
  • want to build and develop their personality in an innovative occupation; 
  • want to enter into the international workforce.


The course is also for young people who:

  • intend to build their own entrepreneurial project;
  • are involved in the generational passing over of a company.

Minimum prerequisites:

  • age from 18 years old;
  • in possession of a high school diploma;
  • good knowledge of English.


A professional, post-diploma training programme financed by the European Community through the Erasmus + programme.  

“Startupper, innovation manager, network manager: a vocational training path in entrepreneurship to fill the gap between the educational system and labour market”, obtained the most amount of financing out of 276 proposals of which only 26 were accepted.

The post diploma programme will be developed over a year from October 2017 to June 2018 including two months of a foreign work experience.

In order to maintain the quality of the programme and reach the European Community recognised objectives, the following number of participants are to be admitted: 15 Italians, 15 Portuguese and 10 Polish.  

The collaboration between the Training Centres and the Technological Parks guarantees the immediate experience of theoretical knowledge and favours the access to work in managerial functions.  

The programme was planned by uniting the skills of three training centres in three different countries (Italy, Portugal and Romania), of a language school (Great Britain) and two technological parks that possess structured relationships with universities and businesses. The objective is to develop the entrepreneurial capabilities and the digital and linguistic competencies. 

Course participants will receive the certification:

Europass Mobility relative to the training period completed abroad. 


Practice oriented teaching, alternating between classroom lessons and practical-project work and activities:

important training moments are planned in companies: the educational programme includes two work experience projects, one in an Italian company and one in a foreign company;

the participants are part of an international environment and collaborate in a continuous manner with other young Portuguese and Polish participants;  

the interaction among students occurs through an on-line platform that creates the opportunity to experiment and develop digital skills;  

classroom lessons are held at the ComoNExT Scientific and Technological Park by teachers arriving from the academic world, from business professions and companies, ensuring a strong connection to the job market and with the technological innovation system.


The academic year will last from September 2017 to July 2018.

The training programme will carry out as follows: 

  • in the classroom with teachers in the three locations: in Italy at ComoNExT, in Portugal in Colégio de San Tomás of Lisbon and in Poland at Technopark of Gliwice; 
  • on the on-line shared platform; 
  • in in-company immersion programmes;
  • in work experience in Italy and abroad.

Lessons will be primarily conducted in English. 


The course will be supported by an Online Training Platform that has the objective of assisting the collaboration between students and teachers who participate in the training activities in Italy, Poland and Portugal, in order to reach common learning objectives.

In particular, a collaborative digital environment will be formed within which participants will be part of a “business game”, aimed at stimulating the creation and building of a start-up by an international team, distributed in various countries of the European Union.

This approach will result in great benefits for the students:

  • it creates a genuine experience of international collaboration with other young students who are following the same programme in Europe;
  • Trains students to utilise modern tools of digital collaboration, that are becoming an important element in all workplace contexts (for example the G Suits of Google, the Slack platform - also used by NASA – teleconference tools, etc.);  
  • Familiarise students with the use of modern, Open Educational Resources (OER), or quality educational resources distributed (often for free) over, for example, MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) created by various prestigious universities around the world, or educational videos byKhan Academy.

On the platform, teachers will also upload learning modules in English that are aimed at presenting more detailed content in the form of OER, shared between Italy, Poland and Portugal.