The course aims to develop professional profiles connected to innovation:
startuppers, innovation managers, network managers;
the research, realized by partners on companies in ten countries, has measured the high level of demand that the marketplace has of these professional profiles.


Building and managing a new company are startupper's qualities; becoming entrepreneur and founder are his own prerogatives. For this reason the course examines in depth:

  • entrepreneurial aptitude;
  • the the management of the whole innovation process;
  • the risks evaluation and the capability to take strategic choices
  • the the building of sustainable business models;
  • the the financing of new enterprises.


Growing up as a manager or as an operating subject in the innovation dimension of a company are innovation manager's characteristics, whose aim is to promote and manage the innovation process within the company. The contents of the course and the key-words of an innovation manager are:

  • managing projects and process
  • managing business and organizational dynamics
  • defining methodological approaches
  • respecting timelines and economic management.


The ability of building and managing innovation networks is the main function of a network manager, who is an expert, inside or outside the company, able to managing the innovation process. Network manager's key-words are:

  • management of relationships
  • management go projects and process
  • research of opportunity
  • ability to build teams
  • research of positive influential behaviors